5 Signs It’s Time for a New Paint Job

5 Signs Its Time for a New Paint Job

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A fresh paint job can transform the look of your home.Unfortunately, a painted house doesn’t come with an expiry date, but it does showcase some visible signs that tell you exactly when it’s time to repaint your house.

Here are 5 signs its time for a new paint job:

1. Damaged stucco

Surfaces don’t last forever, no matter how many coats of paint you protect them with. Stucco a construction material that’s made using cement, sand, and water. It’s typically used for coating walls, ceilings, or external building sides.  If the stucco begins to crack, you’ll have to address the damage first and then move onto repairing the surface. Lastly, you must give the region a fresh coat of paint to ensure that all elements underneath are protected.

2. Peeling, bubbling, or cracked paint

If you spot peeling, bubbling, or cracking on your walls, it’s crucial to instantly take action because as the paint begins to erode, it exposes different elements of your home, resulting in long-term damage.

For example, if the paint peels away, exposing the wood underneath it to rain and snow, the wood will eventually begin to mildew, mold, or even rot.

So, you must be vigilant about this sign and give the interior or exterior of your house a fresh paint job.

3. Cracked caulking

Caulking is used to seal joints in doors and windows to prevent air, water, or even bugs from entering the home from the nooks and crannies.

If you notice any cracks in the surrounding areas, you can attempt to fill the gaps with a fresh layer of caulking sealant to prevent moisture from seeping in to cause more potential damage. But, if the cracking continues, you’ll need to replace the caulking and cover it with a fresh coat of paint for added protection.

4. Molds and moisture stain

Many a time, moisture stains and molds can be wiped off the surface using elbow grease or can be removed with pressure washing. But if the stain acts stubborn, the chances are that the damage has run more in-depth than the surface level.

It’s recommended to replace the material in case of extensive damage before proceeding to paint.

5. Fading colors

Your house withstands everything for you, be it sunlight, rain, or even snow. For this reason, the exterior paint begins to fade much faster.

Fading is a sign that your paint job is no longer capable of protecting your house. If the color begins to feel flat or dull significantly, you can rightfully consider a fresh coat of paint.

You don’t always need a valid excuse to repaint your house; it’s okay not to enjoy the old aesthetic any longer and want to repaint the house to fit a new one. Grizzly Strong Construction is a general contractor company in Orange County, CA. We are a one-stop-shop for all your structural and construction needs, ranging from bathroom and kitchen remodels, interior and exterior painting to demolition services. Contact us for more information regarding our services.

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