Demolition service in Orange County

If you want demolition service in Orange County, California then our company is the best one you can find there. We are manned by highly skilled and professional staff that takes their job very seriously. We know demolition is more than just razing a structure to the ground. It requires diligent effort, sharp focus, and concerted teamwork to carry out the demolition job safely, efficiently, and effectively. Let’s take a look at some of the demolition services in Orange County that we provide.

Demolition Construction

Industrial Demolition Orange County

Industrial demolition requires a great deal of care, skill, and knowledge to execute it properly. It poses some serious challenges and real health hazards not only to the workers and staff on the ground but also to the people living nearby. Here is what we do to make sure that every industrial demolition is safe and sound;

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Grizzly Strong Construction Building Demolition

Demolition Construction

Commercial demolition

The main issue with commercial demolition is that commercial buildings are usually located in congested areas. Sometimes a part of the commercial building is up for demolition while keeping the other parts intact. All such issues require deft handling and we are proud to claim our expertise in this area. We know how to do precision demolition of a building without causing damage to the buildings by its sides. It requires special tools, techniques, and a whole load of safety measures to achieve a neat execution of the demolition job. We have finished many such projects and came out successful. The next time you want commercial demolition service in Orange County, California you know whom to contact. 

Residential Demolition

This is another area where we specialize. Just like commercial structures, residential complexes are also built-in busy neighborhoods that cannot be fully cordoned off. The continuous noise of demolition is also a nuisance for the people of the area. For such areas, mechanical demolition is a viable solution. It makes use of precision tools and equipment that make the job easy and more importantly fast. We use these techniques to carry out our job expeditiously and with minimal fuss. We also regard the safety of the people as well as of our staff as a top priority. We take all the precautionary measures in our capacity to ensure that there is no risk of any untoward incident or accident.
Residential Demolition
Dangerous Structures Demolition

Dangerous Structures Demolition Service in Orange County

As a demolition company, we also take care of dangerous buildings that pose a risk to the safety of people and other properties. We, first of all, assess the quality of the building’s structure. We hire experts that do a survey of the building and then present their recommendation on how to proceed with the demolition. We make sure that the building is brought down in such a way that it does not cause harm to the nearby structures or human life.

Asset Recovery

Gone are the days of wrecking balls or blowing up the entire structure in smokes. Now the owners want to salvage the assets of the building as much as they can. These assets can be reused, recycled, and sometimes refitted as well. For this, the work of the demolition squad gets more complex. He has to bring down the building and also save certain materials used in it. For this precision tools are used. If needed, we use manual extraction too to pull out the assets as close to their original forms as possible. This may prolong the demolition process but we do as our client demands.
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Green Demolition

Green Demolition Orange County

Demolition is a dirty job. It involves a lot of dirt, smoke, dust, debris, noise, and other such things. We understand this and perform our job with minimum damage to the environment. We remove the debris with the help of the concerned departments. We also take measures to disperse the dust clouds from the demolition site at the earliest or not to let them form in the first place. We take good care of the physical well-being of our workers and do not push them into knowingly dangerous situations without specialized safety equipment.

Metal Demolition

We also take on the job of metal demolition of any shape and size. Metal demolition is an industry in itself. Metal is recycled in various industries and therefore care is needed to remove it. We diligently downsize and dismantle the metal structure and then bundle it to send it for further processing. This is a labor-intensive and time-consuming job but we do it with great attention to detail. We provide one of the best, if not the best metal demolition service in Orange County, California.

These were some of the jobs related to our work as a demolition company. There are many other demolition tasks that we can and do perform like the demolition of bridges, roads, maritime demolition, equipment demolition, mass excavation, steel processing, concrete crushing, etc. We can perform any job related to demolition and take it to its logical end. Our dedicated and professional workforce is there for your assistance. We hope you will consider us for your next demolition job.