Home improvement hacks for DIYers!

Home improvement hacks for DIYers!

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You probably wanted to do a fee of the remodeling (or redecoration) yourself, but you blew off the idea. Why? The mess? Or stress? 

Don’t worry about that because we’ve got some helpful hacks that would guarantee an easier and less messy renovation project (you might be amazed by a few of them).

Hacks for painting:

If painting stopped you from going on with your own remodeling, then perhaps thiese tips would help you pick up your brush(es) and get your artistic vibe on.

1. Put an elastic band over the paint can: Popping an elastic band over the can would stop paint from spilling all over the place. With each Dip, gently glide your brush over the band. It doesn’t just protect your floor: it prevents dripping from the can as well.

2. Cover the ground: This is undoubtedly an effective way to prevent paint drips on the floor. It is an obvious one, but covering the ground with rags or sheets would save you the worry time.

Oops! Did you some paint spill on your skin? Try this:

3. Apply baby oil: To get rid of that unsightly and uncomfortable feel of paint on your skin, gently apply baby oil and rub it in ( in a circular motion). It also leaves your skin soft and clean like a baby’s.

Nailing hack:

If you don’t want to end up with a lopsided nail or worse, nailing your own fingers, then this life hack is for you.

Try using a comb to hold the nail steady. Shocking, isn’t it? Place the nail between two teeth of a comb and hammer away.

Rusting hack:

Remember when you got that and how shiny it was? Well, you can wipe off that rust and get that shiny look using nail polish. A coat of nail polish on metal items, and you can be sure to keep the rust away.

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