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Comprehensive Home Renovation Services

Are you looking for a unique way to give your home a new outlook from a Los Angeles general contractor? You need a home renovation contractor with an excellent history in delivering personalized home designs. Grizzly Strong Construction is a home remodeling contractor offering a comprehensive renovation service, from initial design to completion. We provide a range of services, including architectural engineering, structural design remodeling, and complete home design overhaul.

We provide full range home renovation services. We can take care of everything from the design to adding in finishes and scheduling construction. Working with creative interior designers and skilled rebuilders, we can transform your home into a comfortable luxury living haven.

Home Renovation Contractor

Top-Notch Home Renovation Contractor Services

Creativity in designing and quality craftsmanship forms the basis for our service delivery. These coupled with carefully selected home renovation services, will go a long way in converting your home into a luxury dream home. 

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations

Do you feel like your kitchen is outdated and no longer serves the purpose it was first built for? Our kitchen renovation services can help you restore your lost kitchen glory through elegant designs. We can do a complete kitchen overhaul to give your family the dream kitchen they long for. 

We will redo the flooring, countertops, cabinets, sinks, and lighting among others to create the ambiance typical in luxury homes. 

Bathroom renovations and makeover

A home renovation contractor should be able to convert a dull bathroom into a haven for relaxation after a hard day’s work. Working with skilled interior designers, we can offer a total bathroom makeover to declutter your shower space.

Whether after lighting improvement, vanity and closet renovations, flooring remodeling, or head shower and bathtub installation, we’ll do it professionally. We’re San Diego general contractors with skills to match the renovation designs typical in Southern California. Better yet, we can do unique renovations to make your home stand out. 

Home Renovation Contractor
Home Renovation Contractor

Basement remodeling

The basement is one of the most forgotten spaces in a house. But did you know that you can convert your basement into something more useful? Our interior designers and builders can assess your basement space and provide unique ideas on how you can best use it.

Are you in need of a home office, gym, organized storage, or an extra space to accommodate a guest?  Grizzly Strong Construction can transform your cluttered basement into what you want it to be. Of course, with an elegant touch.

Full-service home renovations

Are you sure that it’s only the kitchen that needs renovations? Let our professional builders and designers assess your house and provide recommendations to convert it into a dream home. Our home renovation services include:

  • Ceiling and floor repairs.
  • Plumbing fixtures.
  • Roofing renovations. 
  • Windows and doors renovations. 
  • Walls and exterior repair and improvement.

Our home renovation contractors are experienced architects, designers, builders, and project managers to professionally implement the renovations. Whether you need to renovate your home to improve functionality or increase its market value, we can achieve your dream. Contact us for a free consultation and learn more about our skills and capabilities.

Check Out Our Home Renovation Projects

With years of experience in the home improvement industry, we have delivered over 500 successful home renovation projects. Our expertise, professionalism, and excellent customer support have always vouched for us in front of new customers and prospects.

The range of our home renovation projects speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. We have worked on various project scopes, from contemporary to classic improvements. You can draw inspiration and confidence in our work from the past projects we have completed.

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Let our expert builders, designers, and remodelers assess your current house and provide the best renovation recommendations. As a top general contractor in Orange County, we can help you uplift your property’s outlook, functionality, and value. Whether you are planning a home addition, remodeling, or renovation, contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.


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