New Home Construction

New Home Construction Orange County

Are you thinking about constructing your new home? Look no further. As the top new home construction company in Orange County, Grizzly Strong Constructions provides comprehensive services for new home builders. With over 20 years of experience, we cover the project’s lifecycle from planning, design, building, and maintenance phases.
At Grizzly Strong Constructions, we understand our clients’ difficulties finding a partner who can provide end-to-end services for new home construction in Orange County. Therefore, we have established a team comprising experts in various fields to help your plan and build your dream home.

New Home Construction

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Services for new home construction Orange County

While we cover all aspects of new home construction in Orange County, we insist our clients include us from the beginning of the project. It puts us in a better position to offer our expert advice and services.
We have successfully completed various new home designing and building projects that are practical and unique at the same time. We involve our clients in the pre-design phase to customize the plan as per their requirements. Our clients have a wide variety of materials and finishes to select from and be a part of their new home construction project.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are personal spaces. Therefore, it is vital to strike a balance between aesthetics and convenience while remodeling this space. With our team of expert designers and contractors, we can quickly help you achieve your entirely remodeled bathroom within your budget.

Custom Cabinets and Countertops

We offer custom cabinet design and installation services in a variety of styles and finishes. Whether you want contemporary, modern, retro, flushed, frameless, etc., our team can bring your design to life and deliver services as per your budget and expectations.

Kitchen Remodeling

Our kitchen remodeling projects are heavily focused on increasing the functionality of your current space. We understand the need for a kitchen that caters to the needs of different members of the household. This makes every project unique. Our satisfied customers are a live testimony to our beautifully remodeled kitchens.

Home Renovation Services

Our home renovation services help you transform your living spaces to suit your taste and comfort. Be it a big project like bathroom or kitchen remodeling, or small ones like custom cabinetry, countertops, tapware, we at Grizzly Strong Constructions can handle projects of different complexities.

Residential Electrical Services

As a turkey new home construction service provider in Orange County, we offer comprehensive services, including electrical. Our team of qualified and certified electricians is trained to cater to different electrical requirements of a new construction. We also provide these services in our remodeling projects.

Constructing Additional Rooms

Whether you are constructing a new home or adding rooms to an additional one, our streamlined delivery process remains intact. It helps us add rooms that complement the existing structure. With the right mix of skills, we can help you add or expand existing rooms, enhancing the quality of your living, and improving your property value.

Turnkey Projects and Maintenance Services

Our new home construction projects in Orange County also cover landscape lighting, Outlet installation, appliance wiring/rewiring, outdoor lighting, and code corrections. We ensure that we deliver turnkey projects that include on-going maintenance services to give you peace of mind.

Our Process

Our tried and tested process is a massive contributor to our success. Once we take on a new home construction project, these predefined sub-processes help us deliver as per our client’s expectations.

Plan and Design

We employ top-class architects and interior designers to provide our customers with the best of structural strength and beautiful designs as they embark on a new home construction project. Our project coordinators become the single point of contact for our clients during the project. This relationship also covers the post-completion maintenance stage.

New Home Construction

Land Acquisition

At Grizzley strong Constructions, we have established business relationships with some of the leading real estate companies. With these partnerships, we can help you secure your lot. Besides, we can also help you determine whether your preferred lot is appropriate for the type of house you have in mind.  


After we sign off on the project plan and design, we move to the next stage of financial management. We align with different vendors and subcontractors to acquire the best bids for the project. The project’s financials are also shared with the clients to help them understand the different phases of the construction activity.

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Project Scheduling and Management

The project completion schedule is dependent on the construction permit. Once we receive this, our team communicates the different milestones and overall project completion timelines to the clients. The Grizzly Strong Constructions team is known for its strict adherence to timelines thereby, delivering projects within the specified timeframe.
Our dedicated back office staff ensures that every project is managed and tracked digitally. This helps us stay on top of any issues that may arise during the course of the construction project.

Construction, completion, and handover

The core part of the project is professionally managed, and the site is secured from any external interference. We adhere to all industry safety and security standards to ensure that the construction is completed without unforeseen hindrances.
We also involve inspectors during the construction phase to audit and ensure that all standards are met without any slippage. We also encourage our clients to hire third-party inspectors after the completion phase. Our clients receive a detailed walk-through of the constructed structure before handover. 

Construction, completion, and handover
Maintain Services

Maintenance Services

The handover need not be the end of our relationship with our clients. We offer on-going maintenance and repair services. We also have an exhaustive warranty program covering all projects. This is designed to ensure that our clients settle into their new surroundings smoothly and count on us for future requirements.
At Grizzly Strong Constructions, we strive to undertake new home construction projects in Orange County with trust and credibility. Considering the importance of such massive projects, we form long-lasting relationships with all our clients.