Home improvement: A 3 Step Guide to budgeting

Home improvement A 3 Step Guide to budgeting

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Whether you want to renovate to home on a large scale or do a small redecoration for your living area, budgeting for it is can be a tough process. You need to consider the things you really need versus the things you want.

As though that wasn’t enough, you have to know where the money is coming from, and then, how much you can spend.

Don’t fret! We’ve come up with a simple 3 step guide that you can follow for your budgeting needs and get the desired results.

So, here are the $ tips to get you started:

1. Prioritize: Figuring out the need for a renovation is the first step to having a successful project. The reason (or reasons) for the renovation may be as a result of your lifestyle: Perhaps you need to upgrade your kitchen or simply require more space. Whatever it is, be sure to write them down according to their importance. You may be tempted to add a little something to your list, but that would only cost more time and money.

2. Have some money stashed away: This is very important because renovation often comes with a few surprises. During a renovation, you need to fix a broken pipe, or some cracked walls, which mean more money. The solution is to have (or add) 20% – 30% extra to the Budget.

3. Talk to others about it: Not just anyone: talk to people who have dealt with your kind of project before. They would be able to give you tips on where your focus should be and where they made mistakes. For instance, a person who has renovated a kitchen would be able to offer tips on where to find great deals on kitchen appliances. In any case, be sure to ask as many people and as many questions as possible.

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