Decks & Balconies

Decks and Balconies Orange County

Grizzly Strong Construction offers affordable and comprehensive deck and balcony services in Orange County, with over 20 years of experience in construction and restoration. Maximize your investment within your budget.

Decks and Balconies Orange County

Affordable Decks and Balconies Construction Services

The Grizzly Strong Construction team is one of the best decks and balconies Orange County services. We understand the importance of comfortable and affordable outdoor spaces within your home environment.

With over two decades of comprehensive construction service experience, we bring solutions that help you transform your outdoor spaces while remaining within your budget. Our team is well-equipped to handle all your deck and balconies construction, as well as restoration, related requirements. Our cost-efficient decks and balconies orange county services help homeowners maximize their investment in no time.

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Custom design & build services for decks and balconies Orange County

Design and consulting are the very foundations of our services. We analyze our client’s expectations and present them with possible designs to choose from. Once the client signs off on the plan, our team begins the work onsite. Our deliverables include adherence to timelines and quality of service delivery. As part of services, we also align with third-party contractors and inspectors.

Balcony and deck inspection

The Grizzly Strong Construction team comprises domain experts that offer consulting and inspection services before undertaking any project. This activity helps us understand your current situation and expectations to design a plan to suit your requirements.

The inspection also plays a critical role in deck or balcony restoration services. Our in-house team includes soil experts, structural engineers, and architects. Together, they can help you assess whether you are constructing according to the prevailing Orange County regulations or what permits you may require. 

Our Remodeling Steps

Balcony and deck restoration and repair services

Grizzly Strong Constructions’ balcony & deck maintenance services include restoration and repair to protect the timber structures exposed to natural elements. The harsh environments and changing seasons can wreak havoc on your outdoor structures like decks and balconies. If left unattended, the damaged structure can also become a safety hazard.

At Grizzly Strong Constructions, we help our clients analyze the extent of restoration, repair, or replacement that their balconies or decks may require. In the end, we aim to increase the life of these structures so that they continue to look amazing even as years go by. We also train and educate our clients on how they can take care of their decks or balconies to increase their life-span without spending a fortune.

Balcony and deck decorative finishes

Balcony and deck decorative finishes

Decorative finishes offered by Grizzly Strong Constructions are not just good to look at, but they are built to last as well. Whether you use your balconies and decks extensively or rarely, the decorative finishes are durable and created to enhance the surroundings.

We offer a wide choice for our clients to select from. These can be further tailored to suit your exact requirements. Our decorative design options come in a wide range of colors, materials, and finishes catering to different tastes and styles.

Pool decks construction and resurfacing

Pool decks construction and resurfacing

Damaged and aged pool decks can become a safety hazard. Therefore, this area requires your immediate attention. Whether you want a brand-new pool deck or resurfacing and repairing services for the existing one, Grizzly Strong Constructions can help you with end-to-end services.

Our team can give an entirely new look and feel to your pool and surroundings. After all, no one likes old and damaged pool decks, especially when you can get new ones at such an affordable price.

Deck Tiles and Railings

Deck tiles and railings

Whether it is a pool, deck, or stairway, elegant tiles and railings can make these areas stand out and look more appealing. With expertise in both tiling and railing installation, we ensure that the result matches our clients’ expectations. Further, our materials and workmanship are high in quality, helping us deliver projects that increase your deck or balcony safety.

Our architects can also help you customize the tiling and railing projects to suit your overall color or theme. With Grizzly Strong Constructions, you can rest assured that your decks and balconies will be adorned with durable tiles and railings for a long time.

Roof Decks

Roof decks

Grizzly Strong Constructions is the perfect solution for Orange County homeowners looking for roof decking and restoration services. We understand the importance of waterproofing to ensure that there are no damaging leakages in the future.

Therefore, our roof decking services are carefully aligned to incorporate extensive waterproofing. With partnerships with industry leaders in waterproofing technologies, our team of experts is well-equipped to inspect and repair or create new roof decks for your home.

In our experience, if a roof decking project is done the first time itself correctly, then the structure can last long with essential regular maintenance. On the other hand, poorly executed roof decks can become a constant cause of worry.

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Decks and balconies waterproofing orange county

Grizzly Strong Constructions is your one-stop-shop for deck and balcony waterproofing services. Whether it is new construction or repair, waterproofing plays a crucial role in increasing the life of your decks and balconies. Our customized services and attractive prices help you achieve durable and reliable finishes.

Our waterproofing services begin with initial inspection and assessment. We also conduct tests for leaks and check whether the slope will achieve the required level of drainage or not. This initial examination gives us a better picture, especially if you need repair and restoration services for decks and balconies in Orange County.
We replace the damaged components of the deck with better products. More often than not, we can replace just the damaged portion of the deck instead replace the entire structure to deliver effective sealing. Every project also includes multi-layer waterproofing with some of the best products in the market.

Decks & Balconies

Experience Great Service

How can Grizzly Strong Constructions help you with decks & balconies in Orange County?

We have been in the business of constructing, beautifying, and restoring decks and balconies for over 20 years. Our market reputation is based on this wealth of experience. We offer comprehensive construction services that are grounded in practical skills. Our team comprises certified and licensed professionals who can deliver projects as per your specific requirements. This combination of skill and experience helps us provide some of the best decks and balconies in Orange County.

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