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Interior and Exterior Painting Services in Orange County

The decision to hire a painter is an important one, particularly for your home. This is an important space and one which you will spend a lot of time in, and so it is important to hire a professional the first time. At Grizzly Strong Construction, you can rest assured knowing, that committed, dedicated professionals are overseeing your paint job, taking care to get things right every step of the way.
As proud craftsman, our interior and exterior painters have a wealth of experience to draw upon, and an interest in the quality of their work that speaks for itself. We offer a vast range of options, including the traditional residential painting jobs, more commercial space, and HOA painting requirements. Beginning with your vision and desires, our team is committed to developing an excellent relationship based in communication and meeting your needs.

Interior Painting
Orange County interior and Exterior Painting Services

Orange County interior and Exterior Painting Services

It is easy to see why our team feels such pride and enjoyment in the jobs they take on. With such diverse, colorful, expressive architecture as can be found in Orange County, there is truly never a dull moment. Interior and exterior painting in Orange County is tackled with commitment and quality here at Grizzly Strong Construction. With this comes a huge array of paint jobs that require adaptation and concentration at all times, maintaining the spirit of the community while upgrading the paint job. These experiences have been hugely influential to our interior and exterior painters in Orange County, and offer the opportunity to add to their impressive skills with each new job.
Striking this balance is a stylistic challenge that excites us here at Grizzly Strong Construction, finding the essential balance between the charm of history, and the desire to freshen things up. Whether inside or out, expressing your aesthetic vision is our number one goal, and we have a range of options to adapt to your specific design wishes. Quality, precision, and communication are at the forefront of everything we do.

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Grizzly Strong Exterior Painting

Our exterior painting service believes in going above and beyond to cover every base in realizing your vision for exterior painting. With a wealth of experience, a knowledge of industry standards, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, our team is adept in the initial stages that provide such an important foundation for the paint job. Smooth and efficient work begins with scraping the area completely and sanding to ensure a clean work surface is gleaned. Making sure this important task is done right is a key part of the way we operate, and we do not cut corners.  From this point, we take every measure possible to cover all areas that do not require painting, going over the entire area with a fine tooth comb to ensure that the only areas painted are the ones agreed upon in the design plan. With this in place, we are able to et to work on the exterior painting and express the styles and visions of the design. This not only brings peace of mind for future enjoyment, but ensures the present work will be seamless and enjoyable, a minimal disruption to day to day life.
Exterior Painting

Then comes the all important interior paint job that will bring aesthetic pleasure for years to come. Our team understands the need to create a relaxing, enticing, pleasing space to reside within, and how important an effective paint job is to make your home feel like just that- a home. This takes a level of precision and commitment that means no stone is left unturned and maximum concentration is given at all times, and the job is finished in a timely fashion.
There are a number of important things to consider when completing the interior painting, all of which are taken into account as we navigate the design plan to come up with an exciting, affordable option that will bring years of pleasure. Whether this is a first time paint job or a remodelling process, it can be both exciting and overwhelming to think about the color scheme you might be looking for. Let us work with you to establish an exciting color scheme that will bring your space to life, and maximize the stylistic pleasure of your home. Our team not only handles the manual painting service, but is also able to take care of color consultation, bringing a range of styles to you. We are excited to aid in this exciting new adventure and take pleasure in bringing our range of services to you.  

Grizzly Strong Cabinet Finishing

Along with our industry-leading interior and exterior painting in Orange County, we also offer an excellent cabinet finishing service to bring your home together and tackle any cabinet finishing issues you may have. We are excited to work with your home and your vision for your space, and our work always starts with you- the fixes you wish to see, the styles you want to incorporate, and the vision you want to bring to life for your home and your family. We take pride in our outstanding cabinet finishing, gleaned from years of dedicated service and experience.
The design of your home takes into account a number of different things, and cabinets are no exception. Our services can find exceptional cabinet models and styles at an affordable price. As with all our work, we cut no corners, and take every project seriously. You will be excited by the finished product.
Here at Grizzly Strong Construction, we take pride in every piece of work, and are hugely excited by the prospect of being a part of your home’s journey. We understand the importance of your home’s unique style, and are motivated to bring it to life as your vision desires. Contact us today and let us show you how we can make your vision a reality.

Grizzly Strong Cabinet Finishing