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Even the most durable buildings will need painting to restore their glory and upgrade their market value. By choosing Grizzly Strong Construction as your one-stop painting contractor, you give your property a chance to turn heads like it once did.

We are a leading Los Angeles general contractor serving Southern California, including San Diego, and Orange County. Choosing professional painters ensures that walls are evenly painted while bearing in mind that painting is an art work. We provide the highest professionalism standards while using only quality certified painting brands. This guarantees that your health and loved ones aren’t affected while leaving great painting work.

Painting Contractor


As a top painting contractor, we offer high-quality painting services to meet residential and commercial property owners’ needs.

Residential property painting services

Do you want to upgrade your house appeal in preparation for a sale? We can help you get the painting done correctly to obtain the best rates the market has to offer. Also, whether doing home improvements, new construction, or repairs that also include painting, we can sort it out professionally.

Commercial painting

Do you want to give your business premises a major facelift? Perhaps rebranding and needing the business to match your new brand theme? Our professional painters are skilled at matching the exact color requirements when doing a painting project. 

The painting exercise will be done with minimal disruption to your business operations, ensuring you operate as usual where possible. Are you working on new commercial building construction and need a professional painting contractor? Grizzly Strong Construction has the expertise to work alongside other contractors to bring your project to successful completion.

Residential property painting services

Commercial stenciling

Stenciling offers an excellent way to attract onlookers attention to a commercial or business property. Our professional painters will help you apply commercial stenciling to parking lots, for space identification and on sidewalks. We can also apply it on business premises walls for signage or decoration.

A thorough site inspection by professional painters can help you determine how best the stencil application can benefit your business. Before deciding where to apply the stencil, let us assess the location and advise you accordingly for the best results.

Roof painting & coating

The roof of a building deteriorates much faster due to exposure to the elements and varied weather conditions. Our team at Grizzly Strong Construction can assist you restore both your roof’s beauty and functionality by applying a water repellent coating.

We apply the coating to commercial and residential roof tops, pipes, gutters, and other roof-related structures. As an experienced general contractor in Orange County, we can assess your roof before recommending the best roof coating.

Commercial stenciling

Vinyl and T1-11 siding painting

Vinyl and T1-11 siding regular repainting presents an economical way of maintaining the siding and avoiding replacement. These structures get easily damaged due to their exposure to moisture and detrimental weather elements.

Our skilled commercial painters can repaint your vinyl and T1-11 siding to restore their appearance and prevent new siding installation. After assessing your property, we can offer a free estimate and a timeline for the project.

Our Painting Contractor Approach

We have a clearly defined approach to every painting project. This is to ensure that your surfaces end up clean, appealing, and harmful chemicals free. We pay attention to the details, ensuring every angle is covered according to your specifications. We follow a strict approach to delivering successful painting projects:

Free Consultation with zero commitments

All our painting jobs begin with a consultation where we assess the areas to be painted. Later on, we offer professional advice while taking into consideration your ideas and preferences. Whether you have a paint brand in mind or need recommendations, we will gladly offer our best-performing brands.
Serving as a San Diego general contractor in Southern California, we will recommend brands that offer durability and aesthetic appeal.

Property owners’ inclusivity

Professional painting contractors will not start the work right away after the agreement with the client. Grizzly Strong Construction collaborates with the property owners to ensure that they get what they had in mind. We will walk you through what needs to be done before commencing the project. We do all this while also considering your ideas to create a unique finish. 

Site preparation

To ensure that the paint sticks perfectly, our professional painters have to do prior surface preparation. The preparatory activities include electrical faceplates removal, sanding rough surfaces, sealing holes, and clearing off dust and cobwebs. These preparation activities are key to guaranteeing that our paints create a durable adhesion with the surface for many years.

The actual painting

We use high-quality painting products that meet both safety and health standards to ensure you continue your usual lifestyle. Our team maintains the highest orderliness and neatness standards, ensuring a clean site while avoiding interruptions to your daily routines.

After the painting service, we will clean up the site, removing droplets and other painting residues. We’ll vacuum the place to ensure that only the painted section is sparkling clean with paint.

Contact us today for all your Painting Work

We are a dedicated Los Angeles general contractor who knows their painting work too well. There is no limit to the type of building or structure we can paint. If you need sparkling clean surfaces that last, contact us today for a free consultation with no commitments.


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