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Home remodeling presents numerous benefits that can only be realized if done correctly. Working with the right remodel contractors is just one milestone towards getting things done right. Are you thinking of renovating the kitchen and bathroom, upgrading your bedroom and living room, or replacing the roof? Are you going to find a different contractor for each project?

At Grizzly Strong Construction, we provide a full-service remodeling service to address every home improvement project you have in mind. We are a renowned Los Angeles general contractor with coverage in San Diego and Orange County. Besides enjoying our expertise and skills, you will also avoid dealing with too many contractors at a go. Too many teams running up and down the property might ruin the overall home appeal.

Our full package remodeling service offers an exceptionally appealing home finish that complements your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Remodel Contractors

Which Home Remodel Contractor Service Are You After?

Our remodel contractors are highly experienced interior décor designers, builders, and project managers that produce luxurious appeal. Serving the Southern California area, we are a trusted San Diego general contractor helping homeowners achieve unique home transformations. Here are some home remodel services to cater to your home improvement needs:

Interior remodeling

Are you looking for a way to transform your entire interior space into an elegant space? Our interior remodeling expertise can give your living room a total makeover that surpasses your expectations. Whether you have a remodeling idea or just don’t know where to start, our interior designers can help you. We will walk you through the most appealing styles we have completed for our past homeowners to help you decide.

Interior Remodeling
Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling

Every homeowner and realtors alike value the kitchen as the heart of any home. That’s why it’s crucial to make it more functional and appealing. At Grizzly Strong Construction, we can transform your kitchen into a more welcoming space with warm designs. Our builders will create an elegant kitchen through modern cabinets, countertops, stainless steel ware, flooring, and lighting.

We are the remodeling contractors that will turn your kitchen from ordinary into a beautiful, more accommodating kitchen. You can choose from our unique design ideas that meet your budget and family needs.

Bathroom remodeling

Transform your bathroom into a relaxation haven free from a clutter of towels, toiletries, and gloom. Our skilled remodeling contractors can help you declutter your bathroom, and create a soothing ambiance with the right lighting. We will also recommend and install modern bathtubs and showers to make your shower time lovelier.

The remodeling also includes giving your bathroom walls and floors a total makeover to surpass your expectations. As a top general contractor in Orange County, we can offer functional and luxurious bathroom remodeling services.

Bathroom Remodeling
Floor Remodeling

Floor remodeling

With the proper flooring, you can transform your interior space into a modern, elegant, and functional space. Our floor remodeling experts can help you choose modern luxury flooring ideas with attractive patterns, colors, and chic materials.

We work closely with homeowners, helping them to choose the perfect balance of appeal, ergonomics, scratch resistance, and sound absorption. Our experts will also help you decide between soft and hard flooring. Whichever flooring material used, we will offer you a durability guarantee and warranty.

Roof remodeling

The roof says a lot about a house. Giving your property a roof makeover can transform a stale-looking house into a gorgeous valuable possession. As experienced remodel contractors, we can change a roof that has been damaged by water leakages, strong winds, harsh weather, and general aging.

At Grizzly Strong Construction, we take any roof remodeling project with utmost care. That’s because we understand that it protects your life, adds property value, and improves aesthetic appeal. Our remodeling services will solve different issues associated with your roof:

  • Leakage repair
  • Home improvement and value addition.
  • Damage by natural calamities like a storm.

Our experienced roof remodeling experts will inspect your roof for damages or improvement requirements. We can work with insurance providers to give you peace of mind and keep the family safe.

Basement remodeling

The basement is the most commonly forgotten space in a house, yet very essential. Its uses as a storage area and a hub for water heaters and furnaces have long passed. Today, homeowners are turning this forgotten space into a more functional and deluxe place.

With our basement remodeling ideas and designs, you can convert these spaces for more use. You don’t have to use them as storage bins and laundry rooms anymore. Some remodeling ideas you can pick for your basement include:

  • Hobby and entertainment spot.
  • Home office space.
  • Workout area.
  • Home spa.
  • Guests’ accommodation space.

Our interior designers can help you transform the basement with the perfect lighting, color painting, furniture, and ceiling ideas. Working closely with you as your remodel contractors, we can meet your budget expectations and timelines. As your reliable Los Angeles general contractor, we deliver without compromising the overall finished basement design quality.

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