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Business Premises Improvement with Professional Commercial Painting Services

Getting your local prospects’ attention is as important as it is online. Apart from marketing, painting your business premises with your theme colors sets your brand apart from the competition. We have professional commercial painting services to help you achieve the appeal and colors you want for your business.

With years offering Los Angeles general contractor services, we have mastered the art of rejuvenating stale-looking buildings. Our expert painters can transform your property into a catchy appeal that everyone falls in love with. At Grizzly Strong Construction, our expert designers and painters can handle the most complex or extremely worn-out exteriors using high-quality and durable outdoor paints.

Commercial Painting Services
Commercial Painting Services

Our commercial painting services

Painting is not just about applying a new exterior cover. It also involves achieving a seamless uniformity in all commercial spaces, no matter the size. We work with a strict timeline while adhering to all renovation requirements, your budget, and preferences.

Our commercial painting services also feature artistry, ensuring the completed work is not only appealing but functional.

Commercial interior painting

Do you need the interior walls of your office, warehouse, supermarket, gym, hospital, church, or school painted professionally? Grizzly Strong Construction has you covered through our San Diego general contractor services. We have experienced certified painters skilled at painting interior walls to match clients’ theme preferences.

Commercial exterior painting

While keeping your inner walls looking gorgeous, it is equally important to keep the exterior appealing and functional. Our painters will paint your exterior walls for marketing, protection against elements, and increase a property resale value. Expect our professional painters to surpass what you had in mind.

Our commercial exterior painting also includes brick waterproofing where we seal brick and mortar exteriors to prevent water absorption. We apply high quality and durable water repellent brick sealer to give your walls structural strength and durability for years. We also offer professional epoxy floor coating to extend floors’ lifespan and reduce the general maintenance cost.

New building commercial painting

Have you completed your new commercial building and now need to give it a unique face? Grizzly Strong Construction has experience painting new building construction. Our commercial painting expertise pays attention to every little detail you need to be featured in the painting exercise.

Our team can paint virtually every surface on the building you can imagine, including:

  • vertical columns. 
  • roofs and ceilings.
  • Window frames.
  • Concrete slabs.
  • Tilt-up sections.
  • Piping. 

Our team can work seamlessly alongside other contractors and engineers during the final touches of the building. With trained and certified painting expertise, you can expect us to withhold the highest standards while adhering to all safety standards in place. This has helped us build a reputation as an elite general contractor in Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles. 

Commercial Painting Services

Why Choose Our Commercial Painting Services?

If looking for a professional painting contractor to handle commercial painting projects, Grizzly Strong Construction has the skill and resources. Apart from our expertise, we are also authorized, certified, and insured to do all commercial painting works.

Artistry and skill

Painting may seem like an easy task. That may be true, until the final result does not meet your expectations. At Grizzly Strong Construction, we understand that it takes experience and skills in art to produce aesthetically appealing painting work. 

We have the skills and knowledge it takes to achieve straight lines, offer complete coverage, and match the material surface to the right paint. You can trust our expertise to surpass your expectations. If running a commercial building project, you can entrust our Los Angeles general contractor services to meet your expectations. 

Free estimates and advice

We understand how costly it is to give your commercial building its elegant look. Our experts work towards reducing the project’s final cost by offering free estimates and advice upon viewing your commercial site. Our team will survey the area to be painted, advise you accordingly and furnish you with a free estimate. 

On time and budget

Meeting your budget and project timeline is important. Our team understands this, and that is why every commercial painting work we do has a strictly set timeframe that is adhered to. We work closely with clients to advise them accordingly while taking their preferences into consideration. This way, we can save you from unexpected additional costs that can affect the overall budget for your project.

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