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Handling any commercial construction project requires skills, resources, and expertise in managing large magnitude projects. That is not something every contractor will readily offer. But Grizzly Strong Construction is a commercial general contractor with the skills and experience to meet any construction’s requirements.

We are made up of the industry’s best performing teams, dedicated to work excellence, safety, and outstanding customer experience. Serving the Southern California region, we have built ourselves a reputation in the industry. We are a reliable general contractor in Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Commercial General Contractor
Full-Service Commercial General Contractor

We’re a Full-Service Commercial General Contractor

Have you ever worked with a contractor who could not execute every aspect of your project without subcontracting? We are different. When we take on a project, we handle everything without bringing in third parties into play. Grizzly Strong Construction is a full service commercial general contractor with highly qualified designers, builders, construction managers and architects. With a wide coverage in Southern California, we help businesses achieve their construction dreams through tried and tested expertise. By choosing to work with us, you’re guaranteed superior work quality in every construction aspect.

Why choose our commercial general contractor services?

Apart from a skilled team with years’ experience in commercial projects, we are guided by a culture that puts clients first. That is not all, we offer more reasons for you to choose our services:

Topnotch expertise in construction

Topnotch expertise in construction

When you choose Grizzly Strong, you are not only choosing seasoned constructional professionals, but also experienced subcontractors. Every team member is a dedicated expert in their field. Whether it’s a new construction, remodeling, or a renovation, we have the skills and leadership to deliver beyond your expectations.
Having served as a San Diego general contractor for decades, we can deliver a project from site preparation to handover. By working with us, you increase the building’s value beyond what the market is offering. 

Wide industry coverage

Grizzly Strong Construction can manage any magnitude commercial constructions and in any industry. We have immersed industry experience in different sectors.
Today, our company handles construction projects for:

With us, there is no commercial project we cannot handle as a renowned San Diego general contractor. We have always met our client’s demands and they always come back to us with more projects.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction guarantee

A bigger chunk of our commercial projects are from referrals and repeat clients. That says a lot about our customer satisfaction level. We uphold high business value standards, safety practices, and construction methods. And that is the reason our clients have always reached out to us for repeat business.
We are a leading Los Angeles general contractor. And that speaks volume about why clients in Southern California have always trusted us.

Limitless project magnitude

Limitless project magnitude

What makes us different from other commercial contractors is we can handle any magnitude project. For years, we have maintained a dedicated construction professional team and designers who handle all our commercial projects. 

We’ve handled industrial projects in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. This has earned us a title among industry’s big names.

What We Do For Your Project

Besides construction project management, are you aware that Grizzly Strong Construction has many other roles? We work with builders, designers, architects, and construction managers to make every project a success. As your reliable general contractor in Orange County, you can expect the following from us:

In other words, our company will handle every project aspect to make it a success. You can sit back and relax knowing that your commercial general contractor will do everything professionally.

Teamwork and management at its best

Grizzly Strong Construction consists of a team of dedicated builders, subcontractors, architects, and designers, electricians, plumbers, and project managers. Working as a unit, we ensure that each team member contributes positively to the project. When third-party subcontractors become involved, our team will manage them properly. Before a project commences, we will countercheck everything to ensure that there are no interruptions. For this, we will check that every compliance, inspection, and construction permits are obtained and are in order. 

High Observance of Safety Standards

As much as we would like to see the project running quickly, we do not do it at the expense of personnel’s safety. We ensure that every team member is equipped with full safety gear and equipment. In addition, we will ensure every subcontractor on site is compliant with safety regulations and standards.  To ensure that site regulations are followed, our project managers and team leads will carry out regular inspections and meetings. We will also schedule weekly progress briefings with you to keep you updated with the work progress. As a general contractor in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego, we understand the local regulations pertaining to construction.  You can have complete peace of mind knowing that your project is in Grizzly Strong Construction’s safe hands. 

Ready to Kickstart Your Commercial Project?

Let Grizzly Strong Construction be your one-stop commercial contractor to oversee your project to conclusion. Contact us today and let us demonstrate our expertise, resources, and knowledge to handle commercial projects. 


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