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Even though it’s one of the smallest rooms in a house, the bathroom can have the greatest impact on your daily living. If the remodeling job is done well, your new bathroom will have a great transformation in look and functionality. To avoid serious and recurring problems with poorly constructed bathrooms, hiring a top-notch bathroom contractor is necessary. Working with a team that understands your lifestyle and bathroom goals is the key to the best value for your money.

Whether you want a bathroom repair, remodeling, or renovations, finding a qualified Los Angeles general contractor can help. At Grizzly Strong Construction, we are committed to offering more than satisfactory bathroom remodeling works to all homeowners in California.

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Why Choose Our General Contractor Services?

Our work quality speaks for itself as we have hundreds of happy homeowners we’ve assisted transform their bathrooms. Apart from our expertise into bathroom remodeling, we also have a unique approach to projects.

Wide Area Provision of Our Contractor Services

At Grizzly Strong Construction, we provide our bathroom contractor services to a wide area in California. We are a highly experienced general contractor in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego with expertise and resources. 
We’re backed by years of experience and a skilled team of interior designers, builders, architects, and project managers. 

Personalized Project Execution

Before commencing work on any project, we take our time to understand our clients’ needs and preferences. As an experienced bathroom contractor, we can visualize what you want to be done. We can assist you in highlighting the project’s goals as well as the features you want.  

Our experts will give you a free estimate to help you come up with a budget and project schedule. If you do not have a clear plan in mind yet, we also offer architectural and interior design services. 

Free Floor Plans

Grizzly Strong Construction makes it easier for you to visualize what you want. Our interior designers can create detailed 2D and 3D plans after taking your preferences and needs into consideration. As a general contractor in Orange County, we have the tools and expertise to create plans that meet your needs. 

We will also take current bathroom size measurements and its general layout. By doing so, it becomes easier for us to estimate the extent of changes that need to be done. The more accurate specifications we can gather, the more accurate cost estimates our team will be able to provide. 

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Our Remodeling Steps

Our Unique Approach to Design and Installation

Most contractors follow a generalized approach to implement homeowners’ remodeling requirements. We are not like the rest. Our approach is a personalized one, backed by skills, real data, and clients’ expectations.

We do not over-promise if a client’s preference is technically not feasible. As San Diego general contractors with years of experience, we are sure we’ll find a way to meet your expectations. Here’s our unique approach to design and installation during bathroom remodeling:

Initial Assessment and Consultation

We like to understand what’s on the ground so we can envision how to achieve what a homeowner wants. Our interior designers and builders will pay your home a visit to assess the bathroom space that needs remodeling.
We’ll assess the room size, lighting, vanity, shower heads, bathtubs, and plumbing to understand how best to transform them.

The Floor Plan

At this stage, we already know what you need. Our interior designers will create unique floor plans with 2D and 3D images for the bathroom’s look. This will help you know what to expect. As your reliable bathroom contractor, we will work to implement all the project’s details.
If you have any change requests, our team will make the changes until you’re satisfied with the final plan.

Taking Your Ideas into Consideration

Grizzly Strong Construction values your satisfaction and that’s why we seek your input at every stage to guarantee project success. If you have a bathroom remodeling idea you would like us to implement, our team will consider it.

For homeowners who don’t have any particular theme in mind, our interior designers can help them figure it out. We have completed hundreds of bathroom remodeling projects in Southern California. You can get inspiration from these past projects, which will create a unique theme that meets your preferences.

Project Budget and Timeline

What follows next is creating a cost breakdown to help you know how much you should set aside for the project. The project manager will advise you on the financials, right from the floor, walls, and facilities, to the ceiling.

As an experienced Los Angeles general contractor, we know how best to cut down costs. We’ve built a large trusted material suppliers network who are always ready to offer better rates than what the market is offering. This way, we can help slash the project cost by a considerable amount.

During this stage, our builders will create a project timeline to help you estimate how long the project lasts.

Contract Agreement

We always like to assure our clients that we will keep our end of the bargain. That’s why binding ourselves to you through a contract is necessary. After choosing us as your bathroom contractor, we will help you to understand the contract’s content.

The written agreement with Grizzly Strong Construction is for your own protection. We’ll help you understand the details. The details in the contract include:

Project Execution

Once everything is set, Grizzly Strong Construction will be ready to kickstart the remodeling work. Our project manager will walk you through what our team will need to work on your project. You can rest assured that we will execute the given plan to the last detail.

Since we’re fully certified, licensed, and insured, you will expect the work to proceed smoothly with zero interruptions. Our experts maintain high work ethics while adhering to health and safety standards. We’ll also ensure minimal interruption to your daily routine as our team works on the project.

During the execution phase, the project manager will keep you closer with regular updates to understand what’s being done. 

Bathroom Contractor
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Completion and Handover

After the project is completed, it will be our joy to hand over your completed modern bathroom. Every detail will have been executed to the letter without ruining the budget or timeframe. We have done this with hundred homeowners in Southern California through our San Diego general contractor services.


Give Your Bathroom a New Look Today

Are you ready to transform your bathroom from a dull look into an elegant appeal blasting with admiration? Let Grizzly Strong Construction remodel it into what you had envisioned.
Serving the Southern California area, we are a reliable general contractor in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Contact us today for a free consultation with zero commitments.

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